Looking at Luteolin

Looking at Luteolin:The Anticancer Compound

According to the Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia, 1 in 19 women in Malaysia are at risk of breast cancer with Chinese women at the highest risk followed by Indian women and Malay women.

By Theresa Shalini Stephen

Breast cancer is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, right after lung cancer.

Cancer is a group of cells that have grown inexplicably, damaging healthy tissues surrounding it. This group of cancer cells would form a lump, which is called a tumour. A malignant tumour present in the breast is known as breast cancer.

In an effort to contribute to breast cancer research, University of Cyberjaya’s Head of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industry Department, Associate Professor. Ts. Dr. Liew Kai Bin and his team work on discovering the anticancer property of Luteolin, originally found in plants such as the species Reseda luteola.