Getting Right Down to The Bone

Getting Right Down to The Bone

Government funds research into the potential of natural leave extracts in inducing bone regeneration in the fight against osteoporosis

By Theresa Shalini Stephen

Did you know that osteoporosis is a largely ignored health condition? The “silent disease” occurs without symptoms until it is almost too late when a bone becomes brittle enough to break or fracture without force.

According to Code Blue – a digital media that publishes free market approach in the development of patient-centric and community focused health and social sector – 77 per cent of Malaysian women are living with post-menopausal osteoporosis that are undiagnosed. The condition weakens the bones to the point where they break easily; often, it affects the hip bone, back bone, and wrists.

This can happen over a period of years as the bones start losing strength. This is where research plays an important role in finding ways to regenerate bones, increase bone formation, and decreases bone resorption.